Curtainside Single Deck

The Curtainside trailer remains the UK’s most popular trailer. Our Curtainside offers superior build quality and a host of high specification ‘industry best’ features as standard. We offer you the freedom to design your curtainside trailer to suit your exact operational requirements and to choose from our fleet specification.

Heavy duty lead up at front

Trailer and Bodywork certified to EN12642XL standard

Heavy duty pressed bulkhead pillars in long lasting hot dip galvanised finish

PVC curtains with conspicuity markings and stainless steel buckles

Galvanised steel ratchet curtain tensioners front and rear

Ply metal double door with galvanised door gear, shutter and flush door options available

Bolt-on hot dip galvanised rear under-run to EU/EEC requirements

Galvanised steel nose box assembly

Feature Focus EN1264XL Compliance

EN1264XL tests the load restraint of the trailer and how it manages the stability when performing evasive manoeuvres.

Three tests are undertaken with a test load of 29,000 kilos. We test the front & rear bulkheads and each of the side walls. First we decelerate inducing 0.8g to test the front bulkhead, followed by a series of J turns to test the side restraints imposing 0.5g to the curtain sides. Finally we impose 0.5g by accelerating in reverse to the trucks top speed and then braking. The trailer is checked after each test to check its structure is still intact.

“To be the first UK company to pass this rigorous test with the VCA is a major achievement for all the team at Cartwright and speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality. At Cartwright we constantly strive for excellence in every area of our operation with quality at the very top of our agenda. It is also pleasing that as we celebrate our 60th year of manufacturing we are once again at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality.”

Peter Cartwright - Chairman

Product Options

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available