Curtainside Double Deck

Since producing our first double deck trailer in 1988, we have seen demand grow for all types of moving deck or fixed deck double deck trailer. The design and manufacture of these trailers is enhanced each year. Delivering real financial savings to operators as well as significant benefits for the environment.

Investment in a Double-Deck trailer has many advantages; it can carry up to double your load to the same destination, reducing fleet running costs.

Heavy duty pressed bulkhead pillars in long lasting hot dip galvanised finish

PVC curtains with conspicuity markings and stainless steel buckles

Galvanised steel ratchet curtain tensioners front and rear

Ply metal double door with galvanised door gear, shutter and flush door options available

Bolt-on hot dip galvanised rear under-run to EU/EEC requirements

Galvanised steel nose box assembly

Direct drive hydraulic lifting system

Feature Focus Gradual Slope Roof

The trailer is designed with a gradual slope to match a tractor with aerofoil fitted. Annual fuel savings of at least 10% over a standard straight trailer. This design is ideal for operators who do not require the load space over the fifth wheel area.

Product Options

These are just a few of the hundreds of options available