Cartwright Finance.

Cartwright Finance offers a range of flexible asset finance options to suit your business.

Whether you are looking to finance a single, multi-vehicle fleet of trailers or other business assets, we have the expertise and industry experience to provide you with a market leading, single point solution.

We work closely with our sales colleagues on your behalf to ensure you receive a hassle-free, seamless experience when buy from the Cartwright Group and because we have no allegiance with one particular financial organisation, we will evaluate your specific needs and match you to the best finance rates to ensure you receive excellent value for money.

Innovation underpins the design and manufacturing side of our business as well as the financial services we provide. Because we have access to a wide range of market leading funders we are able to be creative with our funding solutions to ensure we provide the perfect, added value solution for your business.

Asset Finance

If you are investing in trailers, commercial vehicles, company cars, plant, computers or other commercial equipment it is very likely that this will represent a significant investment for your company. With Cartwright Asset Finance we can consolidate your requirements to leverage the best possible rates and finance solutions. Asset Finance will enable you to spread the cost of the purchase across the lifetime of the assets whilst they are contributing to the business.

Whatever your personal or company circumstance, we are here to help. Whether a a sole trader, partnership, limited company, well-established or a new start-up business, we will provide the right financial solution to best suit your specific needs.

Operating Lease

With fixed cost control, no depreciation risks and no problematic trailer or vehicle disposal to worry about, a Cartwright Finance Sales Operating Lease could easily be the solution you're looking for, providing all the benefits of ownership together with the attraction of low rentals. It minimises cash outflow from your business and can be categorised as 'off balance sheet', thereby improving gearing ratios. You have use of the trailer or vehicle for an agreed period, simply returning it at the due time. Rental charges are tax deductible and take into account the value of the trailer at the end of the hire period, helping to keep costs low.

Contract Hire

Cartwright Finance Sales Contract Hire can provide you with the complete answer. Basically an extension of an Operating Lease, Contract Hire adds a range of options, including maintenance and spare trailer provision, for total peace of mind.

Hire & Lease Purchase

This allows you to show the trailer as an asset on your balance sheet and claim 'writing down' allowances. As an added bonus, interest costs within the rental charges are tax deductible. Ownership transfers to you on payment of the final 'option to purchase fee'. You get the benefits of ownership with the cash flow advantages of hire purchase.

Finance Lease

Because you avoid paying VAT up front, Finance Lease is favoured by many businesses. Rental charges cover the whole cost of the trailer over an agreed period, at the end of which, you can continue to use at a 'nominal annual rental' or receive a 95% rebate of the disposal sale proceeds. Rentals are fully tax deductible and you benefit from a low initial outlay and regular planned payments.

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