Welcome to Cartwright Group Australia PTY Ltd.

Cartwright Group Australia PTY Ltd offers one of the most diverse and innovative range of products available on the market today. The privately owned family business started life as a UK-based manufacturer before branching out around the world. With over 65 years of experience behind us, we are proud to introduce a range of pioneering trailer and commercial vehicles based on the evolving needs of the Australian transport operator.

Through constantly assessing and developing our designs, we have worked to deliver a premium product with a range of features that work to reduce fleet running costs and can handle the unique Australian landscape through cutting-edge design features.

In addition to delivering an exceptional quality product as standard, we also offer a range of additional features depending on your specification and can also offer a full bespoke trailer design and build service where we can tailor a vehicle to your exact specifications.

All of our products are ADR approved and are the result of generations of development culminating in a long-lasting, highly efficient and reliable product.

Lionel Curtis

Technical Director

” Everyone’s role is integral to the rest of the build process. Even the smallest detail is examined all the way through. It helps keep our quality so consistent. 

Carl Dee

CB1 Supervisor

” I love working here, the sense of pride when a vehicle I helped build passes me on the road can’t be beaten. 

Dr Peter Twigg

Manchester Metropolitan University

Working with one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the country to provide innovative aerodynamic solutions allows our students to experience a real commercial setting and let them use the knowledge they have acquired during their studies.

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The Cartwright Group